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Songs of Hope's new CD, "Homeward"

I have been fortunate to take part in the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery support organization, Songs of Hope.  SoH released a CD, "Homeward."  It's a collection of pieces by (mostly) Japanese composers, performed by eleven of the Songs of Hope artists. 

Songs of Hope CD



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Bach in the Subway Seattle

Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA

The day will sure to bring a special joy!  I will be taking part in the international project:  Bach in the Subway 2017.

As I imagine how this day might unfold, I can't stop smiling.  Bach can be heard everywhere in the city!  What an amazing day this is going to be!  I am so happy and excited to take part in an amazing global project, and I hope many of my international colleague will join in.  My wonderful students at Ballard High School and some of my devoted private students will be performing as well.  I will be performing as "Doctors in Resonance," a marimba Duo with Dr, Kendra McLean,



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Gomez, "Peruvian Dance Suite," performed with flautists--Cheryl Collier and Debbie Montgomery, and a percussionist--Tom Collier.

Every once in a while, one gets really lucky to be given a chance to perform with her own teacher!  Even though the project started out with some difficulty confirming performers, what ended up happening was definitely more than I have ever hoped, imagined, and expected.  We performed the piece at the University of Washington Percussion Ensemble concert in December 2015.  The stage was in the middle of the theatre production, so we had to perform in the "house" stage-set.  

The video turned out to be my nephew's favorite one to watch.  At 11 weeks, he moves his hands, arms, legs vigorously with the music and sometimes "sings" with it.  His mother (my sister) requested that video be available at all hours so that when he gets fussy, the parents have something to distract him with.  I wish I could post the video of my nephew's enthusiastic reaction to the video of this performance...

Piazzolla, "Oblivion," performed with pianist, Conney Vernall

I was fortunate to be given this hauntingly beautiful adaptation of Piazzolla's oblivion by the Japanese Composer, Masami Noda.  I am so lucky to be able to record this piece in collaboration with Conney Vernall, an amazing pianist who also was my partner in crime when I played for a concerto competition ages ago.  This is a sound only recording.  And the note from the recording engineer, Dr. Mike Matesky.  "Audio capture principally consisted of 2 DPA 4006 microphones and LARES. Note: "Miriam," Memmi Ochi's large marimba, produces incredible overtones that may tax the playback capabilities of many loudspeakers."



Barrios, "Andante Religioso" from La Catedral
In the last few years or so, I've come to know the captivating works for guitar by Barrios, and seriously wondered, "how I was able to live so long without ever knowing his music!"  I'm completely in love with his music.  For my colored-hearing, his music gives me a unique ray of colors--They are pretty to look at.  Unfortunately, not all his works are playable on the marimba, but La Catedral is a great one that works on the marimba.  As I plan on spending more time with Barrios, more I fall in love with him.  Please change the setting to 1080p to hear the beautiful sound of Miriam coming alive.

Dance Film, "Isthmus" by Manifold Motion

Isthmus from Manifold Motion on Vimeo.

Originally shown with live musical accompaniment in Manifold Motion's Miscellanea II.

Please note: sound in this video is from a live recording.

Music: "O nobilissima viriditas" by Hildegard von Bingen, adapted for marimba and performed by Memmi Ochi.

Video shot, directed, and composed by Keely Isaak Meehan.

Dancers: Bridget Gunning and Cheryle Rivers.

Steve Reich's Clapping Music (with a bit of acting) performed with percussionist, Kendra McLean

Kendra and I did an undergrad together, and since then we have kept in touch, encouraged one another...especially now since we both are working on our dissertation. 

We used to goof off in percussion studios and practice rooms late at night during our practice breaks, so we thought to create a performance around it.  It's just wonderful to be able to play with someone you have known for so long, and we still have fun playing together!  This version was created for my recital in 2007,  and later performed for a children's concert.  I hope parents didn't suffer too much with their children playing checkers with rhythm after the concert! 



Songs of Hope's Performances with Fumi Tagata, Soprano, and Shiho Kurauchi, Koto and Shamisen

Fumi Tagata is an amazing Soprano with a huge, caring heart, and she founded an organization called, "Songs of Hope," to support the recovery effort from the Great East Japan Earthquake, which happened in 2011.  I have been fortunate to take part in Songs of Hope's performances.  Through Songs of Hope, I've met many wonderful musicians and non-musicians who also have big hearts to support the cause, and it's been such an honor for me to be a part of this organization. 

Shiho Kurauchi is a super talented multi-instrumentalist who plays Koto, Shamisen, piano, percussion, and a few other instruments.  It's been so much fun to perform with Shiho and Fumi. 

The three pieces were performed for a Great East Japan Earthquake recovery support fundraising event in 2012.

Please go to their link below to view these private videos:


For more information on Songs of Hope/Fumi Tagata, Please go to:  http://songs-of-hope.tumblr.com/Fumi

For more information on Shiho Kurauchi/Silk Strings, please go to:  http://www.silkstrings.info/